Indian River Alluvial Garnet


  • 80RK – All purpose 80 mesh garnet suitable for most waterjet applications.
  • 50/60RK – A coarse grade 80 mesh for waterjet cutting applications where cutting thicker materials
    is required, an 040 nozzle is recommended. Very good for sandblasting applications where a low
    profile is desired, preferred by powder coaters.
  • 30/60RK – The most widely used sandblasting garnet mesh size. 30/60RK provides very good
    performance and good value. Also cleaned and screened for waterjet cutting applications for the
    rare user of this mesh size.
  • 20/40RK - Coarse grade blast garnet for heavier profile requirements.

Indian Beach Alluvial Garnet


  • Indian Beach garnet provides the most re-uses of any garnet available.
  • MK Normal – A coarse grade 80 mesh garnet ideal for maximizing the number of uses from your
    blast garnet.
  • MK 30/60 – The work horse of the sandblasting world.
    MK30/60 provides the best value for multi-
    use applications.

Chinese hard rock garnet


  • 80CXA – Crushed hard rock garnet provides very good waterjet cutting performance and is suitable
    for single use sandblasting applications. All mesh sizes available

South African alluvial garnet


  • 80GAPG – South African alluvial garnet is a good performing general-purpose waterjet garnet. Only
    available in 80 mesh.

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