AIS specializes in the overseas procurement of garnet exclusively
for distributors in the water jet and sandblasting industries.

logistics management 
customs clearance
Site visits
quality assesment
volume purchasing

Abrasive Import Services Inc.

AIS is a high volume importer of garnet abrasive. Through our high volume and low markup business model we provide highly competitive pricing with payment options to suit your needs.

We source from the best suppliers out of China, India and South Africa.
AIS manages your shipments from the mine to your warehouse.

Importing other blast media? Have AIS be your agent! We will make site visits on your behalf with full reporting.


Gordon mcculloch

I have been specializing in the business of garnet for over 14 years and I have been making personal visits to suppliers in India and China over 10 years. I understand these two cultures and have been able to develop solid relationships with various suppliers over those years. This is critically important as China and India are two of the main garnet sources in the world. Needless to say, I have a thorough understanding of the product and the people involved.

Business is about relationships and there is no better way to gain trust and understanding than through face to face conversations. It is also true that one can’t get a true understanding of a supplier’s ability to maintain quality and reliable supply without the same personal visits.

Through AIS I bring my knowledge and experience to the small distributor who may not have the means or time to duplicate what I have already done. AIS is set up so that smaller distributors all over the world can benefit from direct sourcing for their garnet needs with Net 30-day terms. Something you can only get through AIS.

Working with AIS

AIS leverages years of importing experience, direct contact with suppliers and volume logistics to give you the most options and the highest quality garnet at the best pricing.

AIS will also act as your agent in Asia visiting and working directly with any source where you need site visits.

high quality product

Through our sister company*, AIS brings in and tests any new waterjet or blast media directly with end users before it is made available to an AIS customer. Each product is thoroughly tested with multiple customers.

Gordon McCulloch has committed to no less than 2 visits annually to the various sources to make sure quality is maintained or improved upon. The results of these visits are shared with our customer base.

*IMI, our sister company, has been importing and selling garnet direct to end users for over eight years.

logistics Management and risk mitigation

AIS will manage your containers to the port of choice or all the way to your door. We will ensure your containers are shipped in a timely manner, all documentation is completed and you get advance notice of arrival.

AIS also reduces your risk by taking responsibility for the containers to the port of destination or to your place of business. This means we take on all risks associated with ocean transport, ground transport (if provided), customs clearance, and any customs inspections.

Exclusive territory

AIS or IMI will not sell into the same geographic area of an AIS customer.
AIS gives exclusive territory to all AIS distributors.

saving you money

Visiting suppliers in China and India on our clients behalf means our clients don’t have to. This represents a savings of at least $10 000 anually based upon the two visits we make each year.

Consolidate your payables to a single source
There is no need to deal with multiple sources as AIS handles supplier, logistics, and customs brokerage on behalf of our clients.

saving you time

AIS manages your supply chain through logistics management, quality assessment and site visits, allowing your company to focus on sales.


AIS does not and will not give out client lists or customer information of any kind to anyone for any reason.

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